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Excessive Sweating

We’ve seen it in the movies: two people are getting ready for a date. One person puts on a nice shirt or a gorgeous dress. They lift their arms up and their clothes are immediately drenched in sweat. As funny as this might be to watch, it is a very real condition referred to as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating that is not caused by excessive heat or overexertion (from working, exercising, etc.), and can cause a great deal of embarrassment and anxiety in those that have it.

Unique Cosmetic Clinic offers non-invasive treatments for commonly affected areas of hyperhidrosis - most notably the armpits, and palms / soles. Treatments have been proven to greatly reduce or eliminate excessive sweating and odour, giving you the confidence to go about your day without worry!

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How We Treat Excessive Sweating

  • miraDry Treatment for armpits only
  • Neurotoxin

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